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(b) Tun Rahman’s letter and Oil Agreements of Sarawak on 27th March 1975 and 14th June 1976 of Sabah should be declared void and illegal and to be replaced by a new standard.

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Sep 16, 2015  · Hi all, As an experiment I am creating two open threads. An oil and natural gas thread (coal could be here as well) and a non-oil thread for other energy and non-energy related discussions.

Nuclear weapons have long played a central but often unappreciated role in American grand strategy. In spite of the unimaginable consequences of their use in war, we know far less about how the bomb shapes U.S. national security and world politics than we.

The Assembly may re-post the bill for a vote at a future date, but for the time being, opponents of high-stakes testing are hoping to steer the.

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In September, we opened Derby City Gaming.

Both of which are subject to conditions such as testing and an ultimate go live date that has not yet been set by the gaming control board.

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