Felix Kunze And Sue Bryce – The Lighting Series + Bonus

Felix Kunze And Sue Bryce – The Lighting Series + Bonus 5 out of 5 based on 30 ratings.

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Act Two is a little dark, although this is down to stage lighting more than camera settings. Due to the acoustics of the London Coliseum, the audio is a tiny bit muffled, but at a nice and steady volume.

Bryce Pinkham, Corbin Bleu, Lora Lee Gayner, Megan Sikora, Megan Lawrence.

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Sue Bryce Photographer.

and retouching workshop with Felix Kunze and I? Of course you do! Haha.

Lighting and Retouching Series Bundle.

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with Sue Bryce (VIDEOS + PDF + PSD).

BONUS: Lightroom Portrait Presets: Volume 7.

The Lighting Series with Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze (VIDEOS) IDR 190 / $19

THANK YOU! 1 year ago today Sue Bryce and I launched The Lighting Series and it’s been a rocket ride since then. I’m proud of the amazing 21k photographer community we have over at the Facebook group ‘Lighting with Felix Kunze’.

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