All Tutorials Julien Blanc (rsd) – Ten Game (legacy Edition)

All Tutorials Julien Blanc (rsd) – Ten Game (legacy Edition) 4.5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings.

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Julien Blanc (RSD) – Ten Game (Legacy Edition) GroupBuy, If you’re intermediate, you probably already know what to "do" – And that’s EXACTLY THE PROBLEM.

Tutorials . RSD Julien Blanc – TenGame [32 MP4] English | Size: 5.81 GB (6,237,260,459 bytes ) Category: Dating. RSD Julien Blanc – TenGame [32 MP4].

It shows you how to refocus away from the "doing" of techniques and game in order to get back in touch with the things that make game a worthwhile experience. It is also designed to improve the.

Julien takes the macro concepts in game that cover all the micro concepts and puts them into ten laws. The first section of the product is the ten laws of game. Get Out of Your Own Way, Offer Value, Make Yourself Feel a Good, Be Real, Communicate Clearly, Think Win Win, Play to Win, Get Better Not Bitter, Play The Paradoxes, and Apply This To.